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Endless Eden is a collaborative venture. A fusion of talent, experience, vision, calling and purpose.

We are two women from very different backgrounds. Discovering our diverse yet complimentary talents has been the springboard to achieving our hearts desire to encourage positive change to those around us and to our world. with this common vision and purpose in mind, Endless Eden was born.

Shirley Young is an Aboriginal woman descending from the Nukunu people in South Australia. She is a social worker who has worked for the past 23 years with Aboriginal children and families. She is a sought out guest speaker and the director of an Aboriginal Consultancy Company. Shirley utilises her creative flare and professional skills to create resources and provide services to corporate , government and non-government organisations.

Candice McMullan is a professional artist with 20 years experience who explores many types of media including painting on canvas, graphic art illustration and design. She has illustrated several children’s books and sold many paintings both nationally and internationally. Her latest graphic designs are embodied in all of the Endless Eden product range. She is a caring, confident communicator and encourager of women and youth here in Australia and abroad.

Shirley and Candice are not just company directors but also have a wonderful friendship. All Endless Eden products are a collaboration of their creative ideas and designs. A passion for the ancient beauty of this Great South Land, of it’s extraordinary people and creatures, extremes of intense colour and expansive landscapes are their source of endless inspiration.

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