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Delve into this game full of amazing characters and discover Australia’s wonderful creatures both native and non-native. Challenge your memory and explore incredible facts about each character in our ‘Native News’ magazine.

We introduce you to our Aussie icons ‘Rikki Roo and The Natives’ and the support band ‘The Ferals’. We take you back stage to meet the stage crew who work tirelessly on Rikki’s nationwide tour. 

Included in this quality product is a box, 36 memory cards of 18 fun characters, a Native News magazine and instructions.


Included in this quality product the Australian Animal Memory Card Game, is a box, 36 memory cards of 18 fun characters, a Native News magazine and instructions.

The band “Rikki Roo and the Natives” comprises of 6 Australian native animals, Rikki Roo, Emily Emu, Danny Dingo, Gary Goanna, Katie Koala and Warren wombat.

The Stage Crew comprises of 6 native animals, Kev kookaburra, Nigel Numbat, Patty Platypus, Becky Bilby, Peta Possum and Evan Echidna.

The Support band, ” The Ferals” comprises of 6 non-native animals, Gertie Goat, Freda Fox, Carmel Camel, Damien Deer, Ruby Rabbit and Carlos CaneToad. 

Each animal is chosen for it’s unique characteristic that suit the role it performs. The magazine is full of wonderful information about each animal. Including fun facts regarding their role in the game, their place in the Australian ecosystem and environment, and the country of their origin.

The Australian Animal Memory Card Game is a great educational tool that stimulates and challenges the players memory. This game is fun and interactive to develop an understanding and appreciation of Australia’s native and non-native creatures. The players gain an awareness of the effect of these animals on the Australian environment. Players are encouraged to read and commit to memory animal names, facts, roles and card placements.

The opposing side of each memory card has a bright and eye-catching camouflage.

For both adults and children this game offers a great time.