Kangaroo Glam Cam


Designer Australian Glam Cam Collection featuring the Red Kangaroo.

Premium 100% Silk Cotton Scarf/Sarong

90cm x 180cm

Elegantly presented in a gift box with an Endless Eden story card

Step out in this stand out glamorous camouflage that will blend in with any casual or classic attire.


The Story Behind the Design

Kangaroos are the social butterflies of the bush who love to hang out in family gatherings. An intuitive mother who carries and nurtures her young in her purpose-built pouch. Kangaroos can’t jump backwards; we like the idea that she has a determination to always move forward in leaps and bounds. The native flower the ‘Kangaroo Paw’ is illustrated here and mimics just as it suggests.

Candice & Shirley


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The Kangaroo Glam Cam Australian designed Silk Cotton Scarf/Sarong has rich earthy tones for a glamorous camouflage background. Our design depicts the Kangaroo’s environment with the Saltbush and berries, Kangaroo Paw flowers.

The Saltbush berry has a sweet and salty flavour. The berries are high in vitamin C and vary in colour from yellow, orange and bright red. The leaves are eaten fresh or dried as seasoning. Valued for its nutritional benefits and found widely across Australia the Saltbush has been used for 1000’s of years by the Aboriginal People. Many of the Australian fauna eat Salt Bush.

The Kangaroo Paw, name aptly as the flower looks just like a Kangaroo’s paw. These grow naturally in the southern parts of Western Australia.

The Kangaroo Glam Cam Australian designed Silk Cotton Scarf/Sarong features the Red Kangaroo female Doe or Jill as she carries her young Joey in her pouch. The male Kangaroo is called a Buck or Boomer. Kangaroos like to live in families.  We are proud of this wonderful creature that alongside the Emu, features on our national emblem.