Australian Frilled Neck Lizard Gift Mug


The Australian Frill Neck Lizard Gift Mug is a collaboration of artistic styles of this Feisty little Lizard of the Australian outback.

The Story Behind the Design

This lively little lizard is recognized for its large neck frill that fans out wide when he feels threatened. When at ease this frill stays folded neatly against it’s body.

We’ve depicted our lizard in a tree because that’s where they like to spend most of their time and are found in northern Australian regions.

Although our Frilled Neck Lizard is a little fella they can grow past 2 metres long.

Shirley & Candice

The collaborative mug collection reflects the Heart of Endless Eden. Our combined, traditional and contemporary artwork is a celebration of the beauty of unity through the acknowledgement of both the things we have in common, and our differences. Our difference doesn’t have to place us in opposition, rather, there are no sides to a circular object, instead a continual connection that flows in acknowledgement of different perspectives, harmoniously connecting one to another.

The Australian Frill Neck Lizard Gift Mug Collaborative Design is a collaboration of artistic styles showcasing this Feisty little Lizard in the rich red sandy desert of the Australian outback.