Koala Glam Cam


Designer Australian Glam Cam Collection featuring the Koala.

Premium 100% Silk Cotton Scarf/Sarong

90cm x 180cm

Elegantly presented in a gift box with an Endless Eden story card

Step out in this stand out glamorous camouflage that will blend in with any casual or classic attire.


The Story Behind the Design

The lovable Koala with its endearing qualities and fussy nature prefers to eat only select eucalyptus leaves. They enjoy their own company happy in their own tree. The baby cuddles into its mother’s tummy or for a better view hitches a ride on her back.

Candice & Shirley


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The Australian Koala Glam Cam Silk Cotton Scarf/Sarong has elegant tones of purples and greys that make up a glamorous camouflage background. Our design depicts the environment of this lovable marsupial the Koala and her Joey. The Eucalyptus trees produce leaves that provide the Koala with their staple diet. However, Koala’s are fussy eaters so will only eat certain types of Eucalyptus trees. Koala’s rarely drink as most of the moisture they need comes from the leaves. The leaves provide little nutrients, so the Koala does not have much energy and spends long hours sleeping up high wedged in the forks of the tall trees.

Koalas are quite solitary animals but on occasion communicate by making loud hollow grunts. The Joey lives for 6 weeks in its mothers’ pouch then emerges to spend a year clinging to its mothers back and sometimes around her tummy. Their cuddly and cute appearance is sometimes why they are called a koala ‘Bear’ but they are not a bear at all. The Australian Koala Glam Cam Silk Cotton Scarf/Sarong captures the heart of this beautiful animal.