Lizard Glam Cam


Premium 100% Silk Cotton Scarf/Sarong

90cm x 180cm

Elegantly presented in a gift box with an Endless Eden story card

Designer Australian Glam Cam Collection featuring the Goanna, Frilled Neck Lizard and the Thorny Devil.

Our artist has designed an Australian bush camouflage that our Lizards blends into beautifully. Printed on premium quality silk cotton as a dual purpose piece it can be worn as either a scarf or sarong. These rich earthy tones will compliment any skin tone and add an eye-catching touch to your outfit.

The Story Behind the Design

Australia’s fascinating reptiles such as the Goanna, Frilled Neck Lizard and Thorny Devil, flourish in an environment that consists of these rich outback colours. Termite mounds provide them a meal and are a spectacular display, like the cathedrals of the desert. Thriving in our arid deserts are the ancient boab trees which are seasonally adorned with elegant flowers and sprawling along the ground the brilliant red, alien like, Sturt Desert Pea.

Candice & Shirley


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The Australian Lizard Glam Cam Silk Cotton Scarf/Sarong has rich earthy tones that make up a glamorous camouflage background. Our design depicts the environment of three Australian Lizards. The Goanna, frilled Neck Lizard and Thorny Devil.

The mighty Goanna enjoys the rivers and large river gumtrees. It blends in so well in the Australian bush making it hard to detect.

The Thorny Devil loves the Australian dry desert sands, spinifex and scrub and walks in a rocking motion to confuse any onlooking predator.

The Frilled Neck Lizard enjoys a more humid climate and tropical savannah woodlands. When threatened it unfolds its neck frill out wide and scurries to the safety of a tree.

The Australian Lizard Glam Cam Silk Cotton Scarf/Sarong features the mighty Boab tree and bright red Sturt Dessert Pea, both are resilient desert dwellers. The Boab flower is delicate for such a robust tree. The Sturt Desert Pea sends out runners of bright red alien shaped flowers that weave their way like a blanket of red across the desert floor. Termite mounds scatter like the deserts high rise apartments, forming outback cityscapes. The termites are a nutritional meal for a lizard.