Possum Glam Cam


Premium 100% Silk Cotton Scarf/Sarong

40cm x 130cm

Elegantly presented in a gift box with an Endless Eden story card

Designer Australian Glam Cam Collection featuring the Ringtail Possum.

Our artist has designed an Australian bush camouflage that our Ringtail Possum blends into beautifully. Printed on premium quality silk cotton as a dual purpose piece it can be worn as either a scarf or sarong. These rich earthy tones will compliment any skin tone and add an eye-catching touch to your outfit.

The Story Behind the Design

The Ringtail Possum is a cute, wide eyed endangered marsupial whose name in Latin means “Pilgrim”. They move from treetop to treetop and rarely sojourn across the ground as such a venture would leave them vulnerable to predators. They have tremendous ability to see in the dark and are protective, nurturing and diligent parents who live in families and carry their young on their backs.

Candice & Shirley


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The Australian Possum Silk Cotton Scarf/Sarong has the earthy tones of our arid South Australian bush as it’s glamorous camouflage background. Featuring the ringtail Possum in the outback environment throughout the South Australian Flinders Ranges. An outback Paradise that has seen many long seasons of drought.

The Ringtail is the only species of possum in which the male is known to help care for the young. They live in families up in the trees but must dare to venture down to move along the bush floor. Feral animals such as fox and wild cats are the possums’ predators. Drought a predation has affected our native species populations.

The Australian designed Possum Silk Cotton Scarf/Sarong is from our Glam Cam collection and reveals the shy and cautious nature of the Ringtail Possum as it hides within the foliage of the native trees.