Emu Glam Cam


Premium 100% Silk Cotton Scarf/Sarong

90cm x 180cm

Elegantly presented in a gift box with an Endless Eden story card

Designer Australian Collection the Emu Glam Cam Silk Cotton Scarf/Sarong.

Our artist has designed an Australian bush camouflage that the Emu blends into beautifully. Printed on premium quality silk cotton as a dual purpose piece it can be worn as either a scarf or sarong. These rich earthy tones will compliment any skin tone and add an eye-catching touch to your outfit.

The Story Behind the Design

The Emu lays very large eggs in varying shades of teal to emerald green blending beautifully into the rich blues and greys of our Australian bush. These tones are the perfect choice for a glamorous camouflage. Captured in our design, is the wonderful character of the Emu. The male Emu sits on the nest up to eight weeks without leaving. He nurtures and protects the eggs and then guides the chicks until mature. An Emu models her elegant long neck, big eyes, long lashes and beautiful feather plumes. Depicted is the Salt Bush, Yakka and bright red Quandong fruit. This is some of Australia’s bush tucker and is also eaten by the Emu.

Candice & Shirley


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The Emu Glam Cam from our Australian Silk Cotton Scarf/Sarong Designer Collection. Rich tones and highlights of teal to emerald green make up a glamorous camouflage background. These tones represent the Emu Eggs and the blue greys of the Australian bush. Our artwork depicts the Emu’s environment. For example, the ‘Yakka’, Quangdong, Saltbush and Gum flowers.

The South Australian Aboriginal group called the Kaurna people named the Grass tree the ‘Yakka’. Bush fires have affected the population of the ancient Yakka tree. Some surviving trees are believed to be around 450 years old.

The Quangdong has a bright red dimpled flesh that encloses a large seed. The Quangdong is treasured by Aboriginal people for 1000’s of years for it’s high nutritional and medicinal value. The Emu droppings contain Quangdong seeds, as a result, this aids in germination across the Australian bush.

Salt bush can be eaten fresh or dried as a seasoning. Many of our Australian fauna also eat Salt Bush.

The Gumtree is adorned with nuts, pods and flowers and is scattered across the whole Australian country side. 

The Emu Glam Cam Silk Cotton Scarf/Sarong Australian designer collection features an Emu profile as if modeling with it’s big eyes and long lashes and plush long feather plumes. These feathers were used by Aboriginal people for adornment. The male Emu is illustrated sitting on eggs and also with his flock of chicks that have striped feathers. The Emu is a flightless bird that strut’s around the Australian bush with it’s long legs and knobby knees and elegant long neck. Emu’s can run very fast and have a curious nature. The Emu Glam Cam Australian Silk Scarf/Sarong Designer Collection reveals our pride in this wonderful creature, that alongside the Kangaroo features on our national emblem.